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Liandra of the House of Athinol was a High Elf princess of Caledor, bonded to the dragon Vranesh during the Time of Legends. [1]


She was tall and very pale skinned, athletic and beautiful with blue eyes and copper hued hair and by habit both dressed and was armoured in crimson. [1][2]


Her father founded the colony of Kor Vanaeth in what would, ironically be known as the Old World and she spent much of her life there after the death of her mother in a dark elf attack on Cothique. [2a] She barely survived the attack and was pursued through the burning streets by several raiders, her mother sacrificing herself so that she could live. [2d]

She was with Imladrik and several other elves when word came to the Dwarf High King of elves killing the Runelord Agrin Fireheart and although he attempted to defuse the situation, Gotrek ordered him to leave whilst he and the other kings decided what their response would be. They were given safe passage to their settlements but no more was promised. [2b]

When she and Imladrik discovered evidence of dark elves in the new lands,[2c] she spent eight years seeking them, [2d] spending little time at the colony leaving it under the command of her steward, Fendril. He was in command when a mighty dwarf army of more than forty thousand first defeated the elf army in the field and then took and sacked the city. [2e] She and Vranesh returned too late to aid her city but instead went to warn Tor Alessi to prepare for what would be the first of many sieges in the war of the beard.[2f]

She rebuilt her city whilst her father was in the far west, fighting the Druchi, but it was a shrunken shadow of its former self, with less than five thousand souls inhabiting when it was attacked again. This time it was Drutheira, a dark elf sorceress on the black dragon, Urislakh who destroyed Kor Vaneth utterly and finally. [1]

Enraged Liandra and her dragon persued them to the far south and slew the dragon, but shortly after Vranesh too succumbed to her wounds. The elf mage dragged the captive Drutheira through the desert to the nearby Oeragor on the margins of the elf territory. There they were later besieged by the dwarves, the small force in the outpost facing an army of thousands. Although they would have surely died, Imlardik himself arrived on his dragon and fought a duel with their leader, Morgrim Bargrum in which he fell to the dwarves axe, Azdrakghar. In memory of his former friendship, Morgrim allowed the devastated Liandra to take the body upon his injured dragon back to Tor Alessi. [1]


Liandra was a powerful Dragon Mage and a highly skilled warrior, both on foot or on dragon back. [1]


Fiery and passionate, Liandra was often considered arrogant by others and unlike her former lover, Imladrirk, disdainful of the dwarves. She was perhaps more comfortable in her ornate dragon armour astride her dragon than anywhere else. [1]


I like her. I always did – she has a heart after our own

~ the dragon Draukhain to Imladrik. [2]

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  • Liandra Athinol and Liandra of the House of Athinol would seem to be the same character but other than their name and acestral house they have nothing else in common as written.
  • In the Great Betrayal she has bright golden hair.[2a]


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