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Oathstones are used by Dwarf Lords and Dwarf Kings to stand against their foes even if it means their death. [1a]


At the Battle of Bryndal Vale, King Ironhandson and his warriors were ambushed by Elves following the sixth seige of Tor Alessi. The King carved his rune into a granite rock and proclaimed his intention to stand firm whatever the cost, inspiring his retainers. He and his bodyguard fought to the death, allowing many Dwarfs to break free from the weary elf attackers.[1a]

Impressed by his braverym, the Elves allowed their Dwarf prisoners to carry out their kings wishes and the site would become a site of pilgrimage - although now a forest of trees has filled the vale. The High King and many other kings ad lords were impressed by the story, commissioning a rune etched stone on which they could stand defiantly and many of these can be found throughout the world, with hundreds on the slope of Black Fire Pass. [1a]


Fight on, brave sons of Grimnir! Here I shall make my stand, proud king of Karak Varn, son of Thorgil Ironhand, grandson of Hraddi Ironhand. With the ancestors as my witnesses I vow I shall not take one step back from this rock. Like the cliffs of Barak Varr, I shall be the buttress against this elven wave. Should I fall, remember my words and deeds, and bury me beneath this unyielding stone, for I cannont return to my hearth with honour should I fail. Fight with me, warriors of Grungni! Fight 'till our doom comes upon us!

~ King Ironhandson.[1a]


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