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Skabreach is a small Skaven warren and outpost of Clan Skab beneath Estalia. [1a]

It is a network of filthy tunnels in which a small skaven colony scrapes out a miserable existence, mainly chow-rat breeders and fungus farmers. Skabreach is linked to the greater Under-Empire through its port on a underground river. [1a]

Unlike more prosperous settlements with warpstone lanterns it is lit by dung burnt in ratskin lanterns. [1a]



The skaven who inhabit it live in fear of being discovered and seldom venture to the surface where human knights patrol. [1a]

Following his adventures in Lustria, Grey Seer Thanquol arrived here on his way back to Skavenblight, venting his irritation on them for more than three weeks. Finally he was able to get passage on a barge but Warlord Snatchclaw demanded he stay and fight the knights for them - Thanquol backed into a corner incinerated the warlord before leaving. [1a]


Another skaven stronghold in the Empire with the same name was the first place to be infected by the Black Plague and from which it spread to the entire Under-Empire. [2a]