The Curseling

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The Curseling.

The Curseling, also known as The Twisted Twin and formerly Vilitch the Cursling until the End Times, was a powerful Chaos Champion of Tzeentch. Actually a pair of conjoined twins, Vilitch had long ago absorbed his brother Thomin's mind and power, taking full control of his mindless body. Thomin would regain control during the End Times leaving Vilitch as nothing more than a magic casting appendage.


Once there was born a pair of twins; one healthy, strong and good to look upon, and one wretched, weak and tiny. Though the tribe’s leaders expected the wholesome son to become a great warrior, it was the runt Vilitch who was to change their fate forever.

The twins had a difficult birth, and their mother died soon afterward, for it took all her strength to nourish the greedy infants. As they grew up, Thomin - the thriving twin - excelled in the hunt, and soon rose to lead the tribe’s youngest warriors. The weakling Vilitch, on the other hand, was universally despised for his ugliness and frailty. He was forced to perform his dead mother’s chores and, humiliatingly, was denied the use of a sword. Thomin used to beat Vilitch for the slightest infraction and, despite the runt’s pleas, his father would not intervene.

As they grew up, Thomin became well-muscled and athletic, quickly learning the ways of the warrior. Vilitch barely managed to scrape by as an apprentice to the tribe’s shaman, where he learnt a few meagre cantrips and a little knowledge about the powers that dwelt beyond the veil. Every night, the runtling prayed fervently to Tzeentch to reverse their fates, to make him the strong one and his brother the slave. The Great Sorcerer, who delights in anarchy, eventually agreed to Vilitch’s selfish request.

One Geheimnisnacht, when the Chaos moon passed close to the world, Vilitch awoke to find that his body and that of his sibling Thomin had melded together. His brother’s intellect had been added to his own, and there was nothing left of Thomin’s mind save for a drooling automaton enthralled to Vilitch’s command.

The grotesque fusion of warrior and runtling that staggered out of the twins’ tent glowed with the power of baleful magic. Vilitch’s budding magical abilities had been enhanced a hundredfold, and the hulking body to which his withered frame had been fused was possessed of diabolic strength. Laughing maniacally at his newfound powers, Vilitch embarked upon a bloody killing spree, sending crackling arcs of pure change into those who had looked down upon him in the past and forcing the body of Thomin to throttle any who tried to stop him. By the time the sun set, the village had been consumed by sorcerous fire and the streets ran with molten flesh.

But Vilitch’s story did not end there. The malformed sorcerer-twin hunted down all of the warrior elite of his tribe and used his dire powers to enslave their minds, making them little more than walking puppets that lived and died according to his whims. Now, wherever the Curseling plots and schemes to further his own power, a band of hard-bitten veterans marches at his side, each of them under the fearful command of the disturbing creature that they know only as the Twisted Twin.

End Times

The Twisted Twin was put in charge of the siege of Averheim by the Everchosen himself during the End Times. Despite having the combined forces of Chaos and the Skaven hordes, he was unable to break the city’s walls. Karl Franz led a daring assault out into the Chaos forces to destroy the Hellcannon batteries that were slowly tearing the city apart. Determined not to let his foe escape, Vilitch pursued the retreating human forces into the magical portal they had used to retreat to safety. While within the portal Vilitch was trapped, both exits closing, imprisoning him within the realm of Chaos. Thinking himself lost forever he suddenly found himself back within Tzeentch’s realm. Confused as to why he was saved by his patron when he had not requested any aide, the answer was not to his liking. Vilitch’s silent and brutish conjoined brother spoke for the first time in ages, saying that it was he who requested aide. Realizing his peril too late Vilitch’s mind was wiped clean as his brother, so long subservient to his will took control of the pair, Vilitch the Curseling was no more.

Items and Abilities

The Curseling is a deadly being, combining the physical might of a Chaos Champion with the arcane power of a Chaos Sorcerer.

  • Vessel of Chaos: The Curseling enjoys the patronage of the Great Sorcerer himself and as part of Tzeentch's fickle plans, he has gifted the Twisted Twin with a dark crucible - a powerful artefact that is able to harness and store a great reservoir of unstable magical energy.


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