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The Grey Lords were the political and historical predecessors of the current Lords of Decay and formed the original Council of Thirteen. In the same fashion as the current council, it was made up by 12 members, augmented by the Horned Rat himself.

Fallen and dead members were replaced by new ambitious candidates. It was possible to challenge an established lord to a ritual duel until death and to replace him, provided one was victorious.

The council was de facto dissolved during the Second Skaven civil war. Some of its surviving members passed the new and deadly test of the Pillar of Commandments and together with new members formed a reorganised Council of Thirteen.

Original members

  • Grey Lord Malkrit led his clan into the Hell Pit, forming Clan Moulder[1a].
  • Grey Lord Visktrin led his clan into the East, and was mortally wounded by a dragon. Gave instructions to his successor to lead the clan into the Far East, forming Clan Eshin[1a].

Known members

  • Grey Lord Velsquee proposed the assassination of Nagash[1b].
  • Grey Lord Paskrit, Lord-Warlock of Clan Skryre, improved the assassination plan[1b].
  • Grey Lord Graskk, Warlord of Clan Rikek[2a].
  • Grey Lord Vask was defeated and killed in a ritual duel[1c][2b].
  • Grey Lord Nurglitch defeated and replaced Lord Vask, becoming the first representative of Clan Pestilens to join the council[1c][2b].
  • Grey Lord Vrrmik, Great Warlord of Clan Mors, slain by Mandred Skavenslayer[2c].
  • Grey Lord Morskittar of Clan Skyre, became a member of the reorganized council[1d][2d].
  • Grey Lord Kritislik, head of the Order of the Grey Seers, became a member of the new council[2d].