Alun Gartner

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Alun Gartner is a human translator, known to understand ancient Nehekharan.[1a]

He translated a parchment for Heinrich Johann which described the whereabouts of a khephra amulet that unlocked the sarcophagus of King Kaseph, currently residing in the Magnus Museum in Altdorf. Unfortunately he also told Clarissa Lohft of this discovery and she had Johann's house ransacked and stole the parchment and a stone ankh she needed to enter the tomb.[1a]

He has also written a book on understanding the language of Nehekhara, named the Introduction to the Written Language of the Nehekharans, which describes some basic hieroglyphics and their meanings and begins to explain how to read them in a sentence [1b]. He also translated the inscription written on the Great Obelisk of Khemri.[1c]