Janna Eberhauer

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Janna Eberhauer in ceremonial garb

Janna Eberhauer is the Deputy High Wizard of the city of Middenheim in the Empire. [1]

A friendly and personable woman with an active social life, she is not what many expect of a mage. [1a][5b]


A tall (5’ 9”) and attractive woman with shoulder length auburn hair, lots of freckles and hazel eyes who is invariably well dressed in stylish but practical clothing. [1a][5b]


Following the devastating Storm of Chaos she remained in charge of those mages not taking the field in pursuit of the forces of Chaos with the High Wizard. [3a]

Powers and Abilities

Although only in her thirties she is already a powerful Magister – an Astromancer of the Celestial Order of Magic. [2a] She is also practiced at getting information out of those she converses with whilst also not giving her own opinion, often sounding ambivalent - quite deliberately. Janna is also a moderately talented flute player. [4a]

Family, Friends and Allies

She is a valued deputy to the High Wizard Albrecht Helseher and friends with Petra Liebkosen (a Lady at Court)[4a]

Janna has a younger sister, Erina Eberhauer who is also a mage. [4b]

On free evenings she can often be found in the Singing Moon as she and Eva Dietrich are good friends, some even claim that Eva is Janna's mother. [5b]


My office demands travel, so I can often find myself in the bar of a southern tavern. There people always say the same old thing to me. ‘How does someone like you, erudite, educated, deputy to the High Wizard, how can you bear to live amongst those northern savages with their short tempers and their long winters?’ Really! I can only roll my eyes at them. It’s as if their sole experience of Middenheim is an illustration of the city as seen from afar. Certainly it has a forbidding aspect — it is a fortress so impregnable that no enemy has ever sacked it — but behind those walls the place is as cosmopolitan as Altdorf and as cultured as Nuln. Sure, winter winds bite deep atop the Fauschlag, but all good followers of Ulric know to face such hardship with resolve. They just pull their cloaks tight and think fondly of the next festival.

~ Janna Eberhauer.. [5a]


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