Frederick von Tarnus

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Frederick von Tarnus[*] was a skilled and powerful warrior wizard who became the first Patriarch of the Bright Order.


Once the commander of the Carroburg Greatswords, Frederick gained a reputation as a warrior wizard [1]. At this time, this was a very dangerous matter: before the establishment of the Colleges of Magic, magic was strictly illegal and magic-users were commonly hunted down and burned alive. Cautiously Frederick went into self-imposed exile. However the Great War Against Chaos would change everything.

The recently arrived High Elf mage Teclis summoned, gathered and trained all available human hedge-wizards for the defence of the Old World. Among them was von Tarnus, who became a skilled and powerful Bright Wizard. The end of the war led to the establishment of the Colleges of Magic; Frederick became the first patriarch of the Bright Order.


Heater created several powerful magic heirlooms:


*Warhammer Armies: The Empire (4th Edition) spells the character's first name as Fredrick.[2b]


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