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Carroburg is a major city in Middenland.


During ancient times, Carroburg was the seat of the Teutogen kings.[1a] Later, Carroburg came to importance when the Hohenbach family of Drakwald became Emperors. However, this ended with the death of Boris Goldgather in 1115.[1b]

When Siegfried of Middenheim declared himself the first Wolf Emperor the people of Carroburg originally pledged support to him. However, three years into his reign, in 1550, the Middenlanders rebelled against Siegfried. Middenheim became a separate province supporting the Elected Emperor, and their Elector Count used the old Drakwald Runefang. Their capital was Carroburg.[1c][2]

At an unknown point during the Age of Three Emperors, the Count of Reikland captured Carroburg. When the Count of Middenland attempted to retake Carroburg by siege in 1865, he failed. This was mostly due to the heroics of the regiment known as the "Carroburg Greatswords." They managed to stand their ground for the entire siege. By the end of the battle, their white Reikland uniforms where stained red with blood, and they wear red uniforms to this day.[3a][4]

Around the year 2312, Waaagh! Gitrippa was defeated at this city.[3b]

Today, Carroburg is part of Middenland.[1a][4]

Notable People

  • The ruler of Carroburg is Duke Leopold von Bildhofen[1d]
  • The Cult of the Yellow Fang is an illicit cult worshiping the Horned Rat. It is based in Carroburg.[1e]

Known Features

There are two large palaces on the highest hill in Carroburg.