Theoderic Gausser

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Theoderic Gausser, officially titled Elector Count Theoderic Gausser, Grand Baron of Nordland, Prince of Salzenmund, Lord of Laurelorn and Duke of Marienburg, and Terror of the Norscans[1] was an Elector Count of Nordland. As the Elector Count of Nordland, he also held the title of Prince of Marienburg, however he was forbidden to enter the city on pain of death.

He was known for being a warlike man. In fact, his territorial ambitions against the neighboring province of Hochland almost turned into civil war in 2516.[2] At the order of Emperor Karl Franz, the Gold Wizard Balthasar Gelt stopped him from doing so by turning the complete amassed gold in the vaults of Gausser's castle to lead.

He was married, but his wife had an affair with Harald Dreist, captain of the Nordland Seahawks.[3]

He was known for riding a griffon.