Crookback Mountain

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Crookback Mountain is a skaven stronghold of Clan Rictus located in the Dark Lands, at the eastern end of Mad Dog Pass. [1a] [2a]

The above ground pass was once an important route for the Dwarfs known as Varag Kadrin. [2a]


It had been settled by Night Goblins fleeing from Nagash, who tunnelled deep into the mountain whilst fighting each other and anything else they came across. [1a]

In approximately IC -350[1b] / -250 [2b], Skaven tunnels from the Worlds Edge Mountains broke through into the goblin system and immediately fighting erupted between the two races. The Council of Thirteen tasked Clan Rictus with cleansing it of the goblins, allowing them to own it once they had won. For a year, the clan spent lavishly on weapons and specialists from Clan Pestilens and Clan Skryre before they returned to the mountain. Breaking through again they were delighted to find that the Goblins were locked in a civil war and were able to take control in only a few months. [1a]

It has remained the primary stronghold of the clan ever since. [1a]



The hold makes frequent raids on Mount Grimfang and Mount Grey Hag to capture goblin slaves which it both exports and uses to mine copper and iron from the mountain mines. [1a]

Patrols are often sent out to search for warpstone that has fallen into the Dark Lands as meteors. [1a]