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Timagal Vorag Bloodytooth, Champion of Strigos [2a] was a Strigoi Ghoul King. [1a]


A large man with pale skin wearing a cuirass of boiled leather and brass disks, his scarred arms bare and a greasy scalplock coiling around his neck. [2a] He wore a trophy necklace from which hung the fangs of the other vampires he had killed. [2c]


He was made a vampire by Ushoran, [2b] and was one of the first of Strigos to be made. [2c]

In -800 IC whilst searching for the Dwarf Thane, Prince Razek Silverfoot who was travelling to Mourkain to negotiate trade, he encountered Neferata and a few of her vampires in the Worlds Edge Mountains. Mistaking her for a mere blood-doxy he challenged her and was swiftly overpowered, his unlife saved by the arrival of Abhorash.[2a] [2b]

Vorag was impressed by Neferata's strength but also by one of her companions, Lupa Stregga and her queen dispatched her to court him - they quickly became lovers. [2d]

In -750 IC he was banished from Ushoran's court, secretly at the behst of Neferata and then spent his time fighting the Orcs on the frontier. [2e]

Around -600 IC, he united the Ghouls that lurked in the caverns of Cripple Peak and led them in battle, crushing the Red Cloud Goblin tribe. The survivors were enslaved and forced to help construct the Fortress of Vorag to the east of the Plain of Bones. [1a] However he was recalled when the capital city itself was besiged in -600IC by the Orcs even though his own territories were the scene of heavy fighting. [2f]

In -450 IC he was a leader in the army of local tribesmen that Neferata led against the Orc horde of Wazzakaz, joining with the Dwarfs of Karaz Bryn. During the brutal fighting he was nearly overwhelmed by a hulking Orc Warboss but Neferata and Lupa intervened. Following the shattering of the horde by the combined forces, he led his cavalry in harrying the survivors. [2g]

Discovering that Ushoran intended to rid himself of Vorag and others, he, Lupa and several frontier lords rebelled against him and Strigos began a devestating civil war in -327. IC [2h] However when Ushoran, influenced by Nagash, imposed his will fully and made even Neferata submit to him, he fled with his followers towards the Sour Sea, pursued by Abhorash. [2i]

He attacked the Grey Hag Goblin tribe but he was killed by a bolt thrower and his army scattered, leaving his fortress to fall into ruins. [1a]


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