Corpse Cart

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A typical Corpse Cart.[1]

A Corpse Cart is an abomination created by Vlad von Carstein himself and first used by him in his war against the Empire. As its name implies, this is an old, rotting cart stacked full of body parts, animated by necromancy. It allows the Vampire Counts to make use of corpses too damaged to make good Zombies. Also, this cart provides great protection to the rotting flesh inside, although the construction itself is not particularly durable. However, this is compensated with the cart literally regenerating itself from the successful blows.[1]

Those who dare to attack this corpse-bearer will find themselves assaulted by the multitudes of grasping hands protruding from the cart. The separate limbs lack the strength of living, but the sheer number of them is usually enough to win. Some unfortunate enemies might find themselves attacked by the Necromancer above, for many of their kind like to personally control the corpse-carrier.[1][2]

The cart's presence has some unusual effects on nearby Undead. They seem to be somehow invigorated by its sight, making the usually slow-witted Skeletons attack faster than Dark Elves, usually renowned for their fast reactions. Even more distressing, many carts seem to bear Unholy Lodestones on them, these minerals amplifying the foul process of raising Undead. It is not unusual to see them equipped with the Balefire instead, which weakens the pure Winds of Magic used by the enemies of the Vampire Counts.[2]