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Dieter Helsnicht, Doom Lord of Middenheim, was one of the greatest and most feared necromancers ever.


He was once a great wizard living in Middenheim during the early years of the time of the Three Emperors (1152 to 2302 IC). In his studies he heard of the return of a legendary figure, Nagash who would come back to life after his defeat against Sigmar. He traveled further to Nagashizzar to learn of this figure and the source of his powers.

He returned a changed man. What had happened, no-one knows, but upon his return in Middenheim, word spread of his evil practices and vile rituals performed at night. Aware of the dangers of such heretic practices, the High Priest of Ulric gathered a company of Knights and descended on Helsnicht's dwelling. Helsnicht was just starting to raise the dead but, disturbed by the knights, fled on the back of a manticore.

Helsnicht fled into the Forest of Shadows where he had a secret fortress. Here, he plotted his revenge and slowly built up his strength. Decades passed and Helsnicht was forgotten when suddenly pestilence and death spread from the forest, Orcs and Beastmen driven before it. Soon, the road between Middenheim and Erengrad grew perilous. Einrich Moltke, Elector Count of Nordland, mobilised his army and easily crushed the Orcs and Beastmen, but upon entering the Forest of Shadows, he was ambushed by the Undead of the Doomlord at the Lake of Woe and utterly defeated.

Einrich himself, together with a group of pistoliers, escaped to the village of Beeckerhoven on the Midenheim-Erengrad road. Here, the Elector Count assembled the small local garrison and, sending messengers for reinforcements to Middenheim and Kislev, he prepared for a bitter defence. Helsnicht advanced slowly, raising the dead from the Nordland army he had defeated, and arrived several days later. He dispatched a small army of Undead to slow down the Kislev army and prepared to attack the Elector Count's meagre troops. Helsnicht was winning the battle when his army was flanked by the reinforcements from Middenheim. Somewhat later the Kislevites arrived too, having only slighty been slowed down, and charged the rear. The Elector Count himself finally struck Helsnicht with his Runefang and the Undead hordes crumbled at the defeat of their master, but the manticore took Helsnicht's body and dragged it away. Thus ended the Battle of Beeckerhoven, 1244 IC.

Helsnicht survived his wound and would threaten Middenheim many more times from his secret fortress hidden in the Forest of Shadows, riding the back of his manticore and carrying a Chaos Runesword. He became one of the world's premier necromancers and tutored many others.

With the return of Nagash during the End Times, Helsnicht was made one of the Mortarchs and accompanied Nagash's armies into Nehekhara. Joining the central force led by Krell, Helsnicht's necromantic power, paired with the tactical brilliance and sheer brutality of the wight king proved to be nigh unstoppable. Flying atop a bat winged horror (almost certainly the reanimated remains of his manticore) Helsnicht was instrumental in the running battles between Krell's forces and those of King Pharr of Numas. He bolstered Krell's forces by creating several morghasts, but also revealed an unpleasant new quirk in his madness- he had taken to devouring the brains of lesser necromancers!

When the united armies of Nagash met those of Settra at the gates of Khemri Nagash's true plan for Helsnicht was revealed. Nagash entered the Nehekharan underworld with Helsnicht and had him cast a great ritual while he battled Usirian, god of that dark place. Boosted by the knowledge and power of his master Helsnicht's ritual bound the entirety of the spirit realm to himself which then sent to overwhelm the faceless-god. Crippled and beaten, Usirian was then consumed by Nagash who finally was restored to his full strength. Nagash finally and truly became a god; a god of undeath.

Helsnicht would remain in the Nehekharan underworld, becoming its new guardian for his master, Nagash.



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