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Lord Malvous

Malvous was a Vampire Lord of Mousillon killed by Duke Hagen of Gisoreux.[1a]


He and his coven were driven from the city and then pursued by the Duke and his knights, seeking to end his unlife for ever. The Vampire used up more and more of his followers and resources in increasingly desperate rear-guard actions until only he was left.[1a]

Finally, alone and at bay, he entered the Forest of Arden, notorious for the wicked creatures that dwelt within. There, in its depths he discovered an ancient barrow, its protective wards ancient and faded. He stripped away their remnants, unleashing the store of dark magic that had been held within and conjuring a Storm of Magic. [1a]

When a great monolith erupted from each cairn and Malvous leapt upon the central one to bathe in the vast energies that were emanating from it. Sensing the nearness of his enemy, he gathered the storms energy and raised a vast undead horde from the contents of the barrows. Not only the dead came to his aid, but also the Bloodoaks and Gnarlwood trees that now lumbered towards the oncoming knights. [1a]

When three Manticores were roused from their lairs, he was able to command even their feral minds and they too fell upon the Bretonnians. As the knights fought on, Malvous found yet more allies - summoning a swarm of Harpies and towering Giant. [1a]

As victory loomed before him, it was stolen away by the arrival of the elves of Athel Loren whose archers swiftly slew two of the manticores as their cavalry, led by a Unicorn charged into the undead. Treemen and Dryads countered the animated trees and a Forest Dragon also joined the fight. [1a]

Extending his powers, he brought a Chimera to bolster his crumbling forces but then an Elf Sorceress magically displaced him from the central pillar. She sent him into the path of the charging Duke Hagen who impaled him with his blessed lance, killing him and leaving only a fanged skull atop a mouldering mound. [1a]


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