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Deathriders are the Malignant cavalry of a Nighthaunt Procession and are often drawn together around one or more Black Coaches, providing a powerful fast moving force.[1a]

Black Coaches

Legion Black Coaches

Dreadblade Harrows

The Dreadblade Harrows were, in life, those captains and sergeants that stood and watched their Knight of Shrouds betrayal and did nothing to help or hinder it, merely watching it. In death, they are some of the most phantasmal of all Nighthaunt, phasing in and out of spectral fogs, accompanying their traitorous commander. [1]


Deathriders were once knights, but have been turned into Nighthaunt undead that ride upon ghostly steeds and relive their glory by visiting pain and death on the Mortal Realms.[2][3]