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Gabriella von Nachthafen is an elder vampire of the Lahmian Sisterhood. [1]


She was turned into a vampire at about the same time as Lady Hermione von Auerbach who has been for many centuries her chief rival in the Sisterhood having vied with her for choice postings in Altdorf, Couronne, Miragliano and Nuln. [1b]

For several hundred years she had been Countess von Nachthafen watching Sylvania for her queen, Neferata[1b], and appearing as either wife, daughter, niece or other relative of the Count. She was careful to change her appearance and background each time and generated a reputation as a kind, fair but absolute mistress to her serfs and servants, all of whom where aware of her true nature.[1a]

She joined with Gotrek and Felix and their companions to defeat her bloodchild Adolphus Krieger and following his destruction had promised to educate and protect Ulrika Magdova who had been turned into a vampire by Krieger. Reluctantly Gotrek had allowed her to do so after Gabriella had promised to teach her to do no harm. They returned to Nachthafen Castle that night and began the new vampires education. [1a]

Before Ulrika had got beyond slaughtering those who offered her their blood, Gabriella was called to Nuln where senior members of the Sisterhood in the city had been killed and exposed as vampires. [1b] On the journey they were attacked by bandits and reluctantly she allowed Ulrika to join the fight where she tore them to pieces to her mistress's displeasure. [1c]

In Nuln they found Witch Hunters investigating Lady Hermione but Gabriella was able to charm and then magically trick them into thinking they saw the vampires reflection in their mirrors. [1d] The investigations did not go well and several other sisters died before conference at Lady Hermione's went badly, with Gabriella being accused of being part of the plot to murder that lady worse was to come when Rodrik von Waldendorf her champion, revealed that Hermione had bled him and made him her swain. [1e] A fight broke out, with Gabriella and Ulrika retreated into the street and then headed to the Wolf's Head tavern where Mistress Mathilda ruled but this in turn was burnt down forcing all within to flee. [1f]

Witch Hunters nearly caught them as they fled the fire and then they were further pursued by Hermione's men and Rodrik, they escaped them but then ran into a mob searching for vampires where the maid Lotte was tortured and killed. [1g] To survive and move about the city, they adopted the guise of a whore and her Drake. [1h] They quickly discovered that Hermione had retreated to her country home and had apparently invited Mathilda to join her there. [1i]

Still trying to discover what was going on, Gabriella sent Ulrika back to the gardens of Morr. [1j] Gabriella and Mathilda were lured to had been captured to Monthaus, Hermione's country residence and captured but Ulrika arrived and was able to reveal that Otilia was a traitor, not having been the blood kiss despite her years of loyalty. [1k] Then a Strigoi, Murnau arrived, his companion having broken the magical wards around the property and claiming vengeance on the Lahmian vampires of Nuln for injuries inflicted upon him a hundred years ago - A huge fight ensued. [1l] Luckily Friedrich Holmann arrived killing the sorcerer and together with Ulrika finally killed Murnau but then the rest of the Witch Hunters arrived. [1m]

Despite everything, Gabriella managed again to convince Captain Meinhart Schenk that they were not vampires and he was dispatched to pursue the fleeing Otilia. As the other vampires prepared to fake their deaths, Ulrika was given the choice to either make Holmann her swain or kill him. [1n] Ulrika could do neither and put him to sleep, so Gabriella snapped his neck killing him before they left. [1o]

Blood Children

Retinue and Servants


Every vampire has an obligation to every other vampire to be discreet - to feed covertly, to live privately - for when one is discovered, it riles the sheep and endangers us all. If I were to let you rage through the countryside, slaughtering indiscriminately, the witch hunters wouldn't just come for you. They would begin to wonder who else might have hidden fangs. They would prowl about, asking questions and bringing lanterns and silvered blades into crypts. I can't allow that, and so you must be taught. You must learn not to feed. You must learn to control your hunger lest it control you, exposing you - and me - to the cattle's ignorant wrath.

~Gabrielle to Ulrika.[1a]


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