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The Sylvanian Levy are the living soldiers of Sylvania that follow their Liege Lords, the von Carsteins into battle. [1a]


Ever since Vlad von Carstein revealed himself as a vampire and led his armies of the dead against the Empire, the Von Carstein Dynasty have been supported by the peasent levies of their land, fighting for them as they would for a living lord. [1a][2a][3a]

They were part of the huge army that Mannfred von Carstein gathered to fight at the Battle of Hel Fenn. [4a]


They are seldom well armed and often have to retrieve weapons and equipment from the slain but can be danagerous in battle as they fear their lords more than the enemy, knowing that they or their family may be punished for any failure. They are as easily controlled as the masses of Zombies or the Skeleton regiments but are capable of at least some indpendent thought and action, being able to react better to the enemies own actions. [4a]

Sadly, like many such levies in Empire and Bretonnian armies they are often used as arrow fodder or to gold an enemy in place whilst more effetive units are brought to bear. Of course in an army of the dead if they die they can be raised to fight alongside the other zombies. [4a]


  • Archers: Skirmishers led by a Marksman and equipped with Bow and Hand Weapon. [2a]
  • Crossbowmen: Led by a Marksman and equipped with Crossbow and Hand Weapon, they may have a Standard and Musician. [2a]
  • Free Company: Led by Sergeant and equipped with two Hand Weapons, they may have Light Armour, a Standard and Musician. [2a]
  • Hunters: Scouts and Skirmishers led by a Marksman and equipped with Longbow and Hand Weapon. [2a]


I make no excuses for their conduct, and I have no compunction to show them mercy in battle. However it is important to understand why they act like they do , and pity them for their desperate lot in life. Bringing death to them in battle is doubtless a release from a much worse fate.

~ General Blucher von Vincke.[4a]


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