Alicia von Untervald

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Alicia von Untervald is the vampire consort of Mundvard the Cruel. [1a]


She would appear garbed in a black lace gown, ornamented with mother-of-pearl that was akin in both hue and lustre to her flesh. She has a regal tilt to her chin, white eyes and her fingers end in long, delicate claws. [1a]


Alicia has been his for more than four hundred years. [1a]

When in the End Times, a plague fleet approached Marienburg, she urged her lord to act revealing that she knew of his hidden book of power - the Black Tome of Vlad von Carstein. [1a]

Together with her master they began to raise the many dead of the city to help defend it as the outer defences and the cities fleet were being destroyed in the harbour. [1b]

As Mundvard grew more angry and summoned more power, she warned him that they were drawing attention. [1c]

Alicia and the rest of his coterie retreated as he matched himself against the Glottkin. [1d]


She is a competent sorcerer and able to assist Mundvard in greater rituals and spells. [1b]


You would push pawns around your board for eternity! It is time we stepped out of the shadows, master. Our Sylvanian kindred rise again. Lady van Mariense whispers to me that Vlad himself fights this same scourge in the north. Now there is a man.

~ Alicia to Mundvard. [1a]


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