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Layla is a Vampire of the Lahmian Sisterhood orginally from Mourkain. [1a]


She has dark hair. [2a] When she faced W'soran at Crookback Mountain she covered her badly scarred face with a silver mask, its visage beautiful but stern and a crimson wool headscarf. [2]


The Strigoi vampire warrior Faethor belonged to her and he joined her in Crookback, challenging any other Strigoi that spoke against the war with Ushoran. [2c]


Her father was killed by Orc’s and she began working in the kitchens of Ushoran's palace in Mourkain but was beaten by the cook when the other girls complained that she was putting on airs. [1a]

She was hand-picked as a mortal servant to the Sisterhood by Naaima who noted she was unafraid of the dark and that she did not know her place. [1a]

In -750 IC several Strigoi vampires attempted to enter the bath house where Neferata and others were relaxing, she refused them entry and they savaged her. After the intruders had been subdued, she was left dying but Naaima demanded that Neferata save her by giving her the blood-kiss, unusually confronting her beloved mistress when she at first refused. [1a]

Layla fought her first battle in -450 IC when Neferata gathered various mountain tribes under Vorag Bloodytooth to aid the Dwarfs of Silver Pinnacle against a Orc Waaagh! [1b] She was part of the expedition to Nagashizzar in -328 IC led by Neferata and Morath to try and retrieve a Book of Nagash, fighting their way first through Ghoul tribes, [1c] then Skaven. [1d]

In -323 IC she and Khemalla travelled with a number of Wights raised by Morath to Crookback Mountain which had been taken from the Skaven by Vorag Bloodytooth. [2a] They brought news that Neferata had taken Silver Pinnacle and was standing against Ushoran. [2b]

As Layla, Lupa Stregga and Khemalla, some of the Strigoi and W'soran fought the skaven in the depths of Crookback in -321 IC, the Lahmians tried to kill W'soran but he took advantage of the ratmen and assisted them on collapsing the tunnels on them. He drained Lupa dry of her blood and after consuming warpstone boiled the flesh from a trapped Layla's head. [2d] She survived the attack, but only just and W'soran had her body removed to his laboratory. [2e] There he had her dormant body entombed and submerged in a vat of skaven blood. [2f]

During Skaven raids that released Iskar, the laboratories where she was held were destroyed and her body disapeared. [2g]

After W'soran fled from the siege of Mourkain, [2h] Layla, Iona and Khemalla joined with Melkhoir and Iskar of Clan Skyre to try and capture him. [2i] He however brought down an avalanche on them all as he unleashed his magic. [2j]


When facing W'soran again at Crookback she used a spear, its wide blade edged with silver. [2i]


You make enemies the way some men make wagers. Is it any wonder that your creditors come together, to force recompense.

~ Layla to W'soran. [1i]


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