Ariette von Carstein

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Lady Ariette von Carstein is a Vampire of the Von Carstein Dynasty, the first to be turned by Mannfred von Carstein when he arose again. [1a]


Ariette was brought by Hermann Schtillmann, who performed the dark ritual that brought Mannfred back from the dead and was intended to be the nothing more than the newly arisen vampires first meal. However when the ritual was interuptd by Gotrek and Felix, she waited only a few hours before escaping from her “rescuers” and returning to look for the handsome man whom she knew could give her everything she wanted. [1a]

Claiming to be young noble girl who’d been carried off unwillingly she explained to Mannfred that she escaped whilst her two captors slept, and she had watched them kill a poor peasant girl that they had deemed “tainted.” She informed Mannfred that they aimed to return with reinforcements and she knew she had to return to warn him at all costs. Impressed by her beauty, courage and passion, Mannfred agreed to grant her the Dark Kiss. [1a]

Now a powerful and wealthy vampire she loves to travel and has been known to fall in amongst adventurers because they travel to such exotic places and see so many strange things. [1a]


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