Melissa d'Acques

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Lady Melissa d'Acques was a female vampire of the Lahmian bloodline in the World-that-Was. [1]


A pretty blonde haired girl about twelve years old. [1a] Her voice can be musical and she often appears in light makeup and clothing appropriate to her station, looking almost like a doll. However her eyes are different, although few notice, they are full of experience in a mask of innocence. [2]


She claims to be distantly related to the royal families of both Bretonnia and the Empire [2]

She was transformed into a vampire when her coach was stopped by a brigand who wanted more than money [1a] - a barbaric, wild haired monster of the bloodline of Belda the Melancholy who killed her parents and turned her.[2]

After about a thousand years in the world she retired to the convent of the Order of Eternal Night and Solace [1a]

When the vampire Wietzak sent assassins to kill Tio Bland, she travelled to Altdorf to prevent it, determined to avert a new war between humanity and the undead. She posed as a child in the theatre of Detlef Sierck until her granddaughter in darkness Genevieve arrived to assist her in foiling the plot in her own unique way. [3]

Children in darkness

She was quite prolific and proudly noted that she had created more than hundred handsome sons in darkness, a rarity in the sisterhood who like their queen favour creating female vampires. [1a] Her descendants in blood include:


There’s nothing more ‘’boring’’ than a gathering of elder vampires. Believe me. I’ve suffered enough of them in my centuries. All those long grey faces and ragged black cloaks. The stag-at-rut jousts as two old fools get in a squabble about some mortal morsel. You hear the same stories over and over. Mostly, yarns about how we didn’t really loose the Undead Wars blah blah blah and are just biding our time before we emerge from our mountain fastnesses and take up our rightful positions as rulers of humanity blah blah blah.

~ Melissa to Genevieve and Detlef Sierick.[3]