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Sir Tiberius Kael was an infamous Blood Knight and a former Knight of the White Wolf, known for slaying monsters.


Sir Kael was once a member of the Knights of the White Wolf, devoting his life to the service of Ulric and to mastering his passions for the sword and for the hunt. When he realised his mortal body would never be able to match the abilities of a gaunt stranger who had bested him in a duel, he made a very easy choice. Since then Kael has followed the footsteps of Abhorash, wandering the Empire and seeking great martial challenges and epic hunts to test his mettle.

He sees little point in fighting men when nature can provide so many far more brutal and terrible killers. Until he is ready to face a Dragon, he tests himself against Wyverns, Griffons, Trolls and other dark things of the forests and mountains. Kael is no friend to humans, but the only thing he truly values is the glory and thrill of the hunt. He can be merciful if a human can lead him to great challenge, such as a Dragon Ogre or a Giant. On the other hand he is equally likely to use mortals as bait or as beaters to draw out such creatures. Lacking the presence of any bestial challenger, he will instead simply give them a night's head start and begin hunting them on the morrow.[1]


Don't trouble yourself with drawing your sword, little one. You're not even close to ready.

~ Sir Tiberius Kael.[1a]


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