Dread Abyssal

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Dread Abyssal are powerful spirits that now serve Nagash, often used as mounts for his Mortarchs.


Dread Abyssals were once called the Hounds of Usiran, the Nehekharn god of the dead and in that role they hunted and devoured the cursed or wretched in the dreadful lower depths of the Underworld. Each one is said to have hunted a specific type of sinner and so there were hundreds, perhaps thousands of these powerful spirits in the service of Usiran.

When that land was reduced to a land of the dead, spirits no longer entered the Underworld and they became increasingly maddened by hunger. Powerful necromancy was able to lure them from their realm and bind them to the service of the Mortarchs.[1]

Known Dread Abyssals

  • Ashigaroth, Gorger on the Meek. It hunted and feasted upon those who entered the underworld who were too callow to raise a hand in their own defence. In the mortal realms it is a creature of chill bone who hunts the living as readily as it did the dead. The long centuries of hunger mean that it now has a indiscriminate hunger. Mount of Mannfred von Carstein[1]
  • Nagadron, The Adevore. On the Underworld it stalked the souls of gluttons and depending on the myth was either the most patient or the most slothful of its kind. Whilst it is a horror to be devoured by any such beast, Nagadron often tries to consume more than it can contain and may vomit up half eaten souls, only to devour them again its leisure. Mount of Queen Neferata [1]
  • Razarak, The Doom of Traitors. Once it was renowned as having more precision in its hunt, but not its blind hunger means it cares not who it devours. When it dwelled in the underworld it favoured lofty perches to track its prey and this is in tune with the ways of its master. Mount of Arkhan the Black.[1]


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