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Maedrethnir was a red[1a] dragon who served Phoenix King Caledor I as mount. He was the son of Indraugnir.[1e]


Maedrethnir was old enough to remember the day when the Old Ones first came to the Warhammer world.[1d][1e] In the last years of the reign of Bel-Shanaar, Maedrethnir was the oldest dragon to remain awake.[1b] Some of the dragon princes of Caledor feared that he was also the last.[1c]

Maedrethnir occasionally engaged in cannibalism. In a battle against the Dark Elves in the early days of Caledor I's reign, Maedrethnir slew a black dragon and ate its flesh. He reminisced about having eaten dragon flesh before, thousands of years ago.[1f]

This was Maedrethnir's first encounter with the black dragons that had been tortured and enslaved by the Dark Elves. The existence of these twisted dragons horrified Maedrethnir. With all haste he returned home to the dragon caves of Caledor and roused his brethren from slumber, that they might fight against the Dark Elves.[1g] Several other dragons answered his call and joined the war. In total, twelve dragons fought against the Dark Elves, among them Nemaerinir[1h], Anaegnir (slain by Morathi at Gaen Vale ca. IC -2739)[1j][*] and Kardraghnir (slain in Chrace ca. IC -2739).[1i]

In the battle of Maledor in IC -2724[2], Maedrethnir and Caledor fought Malekith and his dragon Sulekh. Maedrethnir was wounded by Sulekh and forced to flee, but survived.[1k]


* There is mention of "ten years of bitter war", suggesting that this takes place in the 10th year of Caledor's reign.[1j]


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