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Mordrak is an ancient Dragon who the Dwarfs have named many grudges against. [1a]


A vast red scaled Dragon, his left eye was carved out and destroyed by Borri Brakkson. [1a]


The Dragon caused large amounts of damage to Karak Eight Peaks. [1a]

Dwarf Engineer Godrikson of Karak Azul led a part of miners into the tunnels beneath Grunspire, there they discovered a lost part of the old Dwarf Road leading to a great cavern piled high with gold and other treasure which they quickly determined was the lair of a great Dragon. King Kazgar sent an expedition led by Dwarf Thane Durik Kaznagar to kill the Dragon he named Mordrak and claim its hoard - in this they were joined by vengeance seeking warriors from Eight Peaks. None of the Fifty six Dwarf Warriors and seven Slayers dispatched survive to return home. [1a]

Thane Borri Brakkson leads a second expedition including Ironbreakers and a Organ Gun. The Lorekeeper who accompanied them survived to report back to the King of failure of their task and Kurik Kaznagar, the son of the Thane who had been forbidden to join them takes the Slayers Oath to avenge his father. He is given the Rune Axe Drakkaz-treng (Slayer of Dragons) by Rune Lord Ganngrim Ironforge [1a]

A great battle was fought between the two, with the slayer badly wounding the Dragon but as Kurik was close to death he called out and many casks of gunpowder laid by engineers were ignited and all were buried beneath the ruin of the mountain. [1a]


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