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Silak or Silak One-eye as he is now known, is a Merwyrm that is bound to the city of Vedenza in Tilea. [1a]

He is longer than a whale with a single horn and a bone armoured mouth able to swallow a coach in one bite . [1a]

Orsini named him after old tales of his city. [1a]


The Wizard Orsini Sardus bound him to his service and that of his home Vedenza with a Binding Scroll of Kadon. [1a]

When the city was attacked by the nearby kingdom of Larhgoz, Orsini roused him and sent him against their army alongside his own galleon, rising from the sea to crawl upon the shore and devestate and devour the terrified men. It was difficult however for Orsini to quell his bloodlust and return him to his slumber in the ocean but finally he managed it. [1a]

Almost as soon as the battle was won, the Skaven emerged from caves and tunnels and began their own attack on the area - the Council of Tears determined that to prevent their home being overwhelmed they needed to slay the Grey Seer that led them and that it was likely laired in the Isle of Grief to the south, where a ancient dark monolith, long shunned could be found. [1a]

Battle of the Howling Abyss

Eight days after the defeat of Larhgoz, a force departed the city on a dozen shallow-drafted galleys, guarded by the vast bulk of Silak which protected them from the strange sea life that swarmed around the isle. Immediately they were attacked by a fleet of half alive Skaven warships but rising to the surface, Silak smashed many aside in his rage allowing the galleys to make for the Isle as he fought the remaining beast-ships. [1a]

He lost an eye in that battle but still sleeps in the lagoon beyond the city in case they need him. [1a]


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