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Frog (Familiar of the Fay Enchantress)
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Frogs, and in some cases Toads, play many roles in the Warhammer world.

  1. Frogs are essential food for the Bretonnians - especially the peasants.
  2. Frogs - as well as snails - are the only valuable resource that could be found in the damned Barony of Mousillon.
  3. The Fay Enchantress of Bretonnia may turn you into a frog, if you are rude to her.
  4. Frogs and toads are small amphibians, which may become truly dangerous if they occur in large swarms, that are sometimes controlled by wizards or sorcerers. Those Swarms are able to lay mayhem on the land and cross almost any waters in their path.
  5. The venom of Toads is used by evil Wizards for sinister purposes, and Lucrezzia Belladonna, sorceress and princess of Pavona is known for dipping her Stiletto into toad poison.
  6. The Lizardmen use Lustrian frog poison in their darts and arrows.