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Imladrik of Caledor, Prince of Ulthuan, Lord of Oragor and Master of Dragons was a major character during the War of the Beard.[1a]

He was the younger brother of King Caledor II [1h] and married to Yethanial. [1i]


He wore pearl-white robes, trimmed in the fiery red of his home and a circlet of silver with a sapphire in its centre when not wearing a armoured helm. [1c]


Whilst flying to Karaz-a-Karak, they spotted two Dwarfs travelling in a storm and flew down to greet them and to offer them a lift to Everpeak. They turned out to Prince Snorri Lunngrin and his cousin Morgrim Bargrum and although initiall suspicious, they accepted the offer. [1a]

However as Snorri moved to join his cousin atop the Dragon, Draukhain reared up, dumping Morgrim to the ground as it seemed to search the surroundings and Imladrik had to use dragonsong to calm his mount. Although Imladrik appologised, Snorri threatened him and the Elf Prince and his Dragon left them to continue their journey. [1b]

Later Imladrik fought Morgrim in a friendly duel at a subsequent Brodunk (festival) to honour Grimnir defeating the dwarf who accepted the loss with good grace. [1g] He, Liandra and several others were with the High King when word came of elves killing the Runelord Agrin Fireheart and although he attempted to defuse the situation, Gotrek ordered him to leave whilst he and the other kings decided what their response would be. They were given safe passage to their settlements but no more was promised. [1e]

Flying to the ambush site, Imladrik was joined by Liandra who could sense the use of Dhar (dark magic) and pledged to hunt the Druchii whilst he returned to Ulthuan, summoned by his brother to help raise Caledor against Malekith's forces which were stiring. [1f] In fleet of ships he embarked his army of 10,000 warriors [1i], guarded by flights of dragons. [1g]

He found that his brother was uninterested in the problems with the Dwarfs and Caledor ordered him to vist his wife and then return to court to discuss the war against the Dark Elves. [1i] He was with his brother when the Dwarf Ambassador, Forek Grimbok arrived, who Caledor casually insulted before the terms of the High King were given to him. Caledor countered the missive with a demand to know why the city of Kor Vanaeth had been sacked and burned, of which the Ambassador had no knowledge. When the Dwarfs then resisted being taken prisoner, Caledor killed one with a spear thrust and then ordered that other have their beards shaved and that Imladrik witness it. [1j]


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