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The Draesca are a human tribe who live near the mines of Oakenhammer, in the mountains to the far south of Sylvania. [1]

They inhabited the mountains south of the Draka and Fennones tribes [2a] and knew Mourkain as Morgheim or the place of death. [2b]


When Mourkain began trading with Silver Pinnacle they had been part of the pack, receiving Dawi made weapons. [2b]

W'soran visited in -290 IC and was welcomed by Shull, then High King [2a] but also found the so-called Handmaidens of the Moon, actually Lahmian vampires also waiting for him. [2b] When they tried to capture W'soran, the vampire awoke the Wight Kings to defend him who also dispelled the influence of the Lahmians on Shull. The king then declared the the Handmaidens were banished and no longer welcome in the lands of the Draesca - Iona accepted his command and led her sisters away. [2f]


During each tribal coronation, the new High King of the Draesca will don The The Helm of The Draesca: an ancient artefact orginally forged by W'soran [2a] that although it accelerates the ageing process of the wearer also grants them great power over the living and the dead alike.[1]

Seven years of twilight are granted to the new King before he finally succumbs to undeath altogether but during that time, his every whim is catered for. [1]

Each new High King is determined to carve his mark on the world before his tenure has passed, and so the armies of the Draescan Kings go forth into the world every seven-year cycle, their numbers bolstered not only by thousands of the living dead but by the dusty cadavers of every king to have ever worn the helm. [1]

In -265 IC The Wight Kings of the tribe led by Chown formed part of the army that pushed into the land of the Strigoi led by W'soran, moving towards Mourkain itself. [2g]


  • Capital. A series of huts and lodges built atop plateaus which themselves were created on top of the barrows of their ancestors. [2d]
    • Palace. [2a]
      • Throne Room: Built on top of the uppermost barrow. When the king welcomes visitors, he is normally accompanied by the sub-chieftains who sit upon rough benches that line the path to the throne. The throne itself was made from wood and the bones of great cave beast slain by an ancient tribal champion. Great berths in the walls of the room hold the shroud wrapped bodies of former kings, armed and armoured. [2a]
      • Warrior Lodges. [2d] Enemy dead are buired in their entrances whichcan be animated against invaders. [2e]


They became a tribe that birthed children with a great cpacity for controlling magic which W'soran thought could be due to his helm's effects on the tribe. [2a]



  • Shaya: Hill Goddess whose priestesses, the Handmaidens of the Moon carried word between the Draesca and other tribes. [2c]


The tribe was made up of dozens of feuding clans. [2a]


They marched to war alongside their ancestors. [2d]


We have had nothing but good fortune since you made us this gift. We are unassailable, and invincible. The ancestors themselves ride to war with us, bringing death and terror to our enemies. The tribes of the lowlands shudder in their lodges when we descend upon them with fire and sword.

~ Shull to W'soran. [2b]


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