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Friedrich Holmann was a Witch Hunter of the Holy Order of Sigmar. [1a]


He was handsome with a strong square jaw and fierce grey eyes. He carried a pistol and heavy sword with half a dozen rowen-wood stakes and a hammer in his belt, whist glass vials were held safely in bandoliers. [1a]


Whilst investigating vampires in Nuln he encountered Ulrika Magdova in the sewers who herself was investigating the death of other members of the Lahmian Sisterhood in the city. Although he was suspicious, she managed to convince him she was not in fact a vampire and they began to work together. [1a] However the search led them to the Gardens of Morr and when they were attacked by a mob of Ghouls, Ulrika showed her true nature in the ensuing battle much to Friedrich's horror. [1b] Unable to convince him to trust her any further she knocked him out and fled. [1c]

Still trying to discover what was going on, Gabriella sent Ulrika back to the gardens of Morr where she again encountered Witch Hunter Holmann, saving him from Ghouls. They then explored the Crypt, encountering more ghouls before discovering various clues and the huge empty coffin but found themselves locked. [1d] They escaped but Ulrika made Holmann vow not to harm her or her companions. [1e]

She arrived at Monthaus to find that both Gabriella and Mathilda had been captured but she was able to reveal that Otilia was a traitor, not having been the blood kiss despite her years of loyalty. [1f] Then a Strigoi, Murnau arrived, his companion having broken the magical wards around the property and claiming vengeance on the Lahmian vampires of Nuln for injuries inflicted upon him a hundred years ago - A huge fight ensued. [1g] Luckily Friedrich arrived killing the sorcerer and together with Ulrika finally killed Murnau but then the rest of the Witch Hunters arrived. [1h]

Despite everything, Gabriella managed again to convince Captain Meinhart Schenk that they were not vampires and he was dispatched to pursue the fleeing Otilia. As the other vampires prepared to fake their deaths, Ulrika was given the choice to either make Holmann her swain or kill him. [1i] Ulrika could do neither and put him to sleep, so Gabriella snapped his neck killing him before they left. [1j]


I know how difficult it is to be strong in the face of corruption, fraulein. Particularly when you discover it with your own family, but it must be done. I killed my own parents when I discovered they were mutants. It hurts to this day. But I find strength in Sigmar, and you would be wise to do the same. In his teachings I have learned that I gave them release from their suffering.

~ Friedrich to Ulrika.[1]


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