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Bel-Korhadris the Scholar King was a Phoenix King of the High Elves. Bel-Korhadris started and built the White Tower of Hoeth.

Notable Events of Bel-Korhadris's reign

N.B. All dates are Imperial Calendar equivalents.

Date Events Sources
ca. -679 Construction of the White Tower begins. Needs Citation
ca. -290 The Tower is half completed, and the Loremasters make a small town around it. Needs Citation
ca. 497 The Order of the Sword Masters of Hoeth is made as the White Tower is completed. Needs Citation
The rulers of the High Elves
Phoenix Kings Aenarion - Bel Shanaar - Caledor I - Caledor II - Caradryel - Tethlis - Bel-Korhadris - Aethis - Morvael - Bel-Hathor - Finubar
Everqueens Astarielle - Yvraine - Alarielle


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