Unthwe Windrider

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Unthwe Windrider is the High Elf herald of the Phoenix Kings. [1a]


He remembers his father speaking of Aenarion granting him visions of a new, stronger Ulthuan and who would later he would serve as one of his bodyguards, accompanying him when he freed Morathi from her captors, striking off her chains himself. [1a]

With his brother, Unthwe grew to be a formidable warrior under the reign of Bel-Shanaar, learning to hunt with the people of Chrace. When Malekith killed the Phoenix King and walked through the Sacred Flame, Unthwe was in Chrace, having killed his first lion and was one of the hunters that saved the life of Caledor I. As the civil war raged, he became the standard bearer to the king, now using his father’s sword rather than the Great Axe of Chrace. [1a]

Then one fateful day, he faced his own brother in battle, each pleading that the other join them, that their cause was righteous but neither would yield and so Unthwe killed his sibling and shortly after, the Sundering occurred, destroying part of Ulthuan. He survived that cataclysm and carried the banner of subsequent Phoenix Kings. [1a]


For each battle I have fought I have lost a hundred comrades, but their light still burns bright in my heart. Guard well your souls for whilst the dark one lives there can be no peace. The Witch King is abroad once more and soon you too will discover the anquish of war.

~ Unthwe Windrider.[1a]


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