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Kaldain was a High Elf Noble[1d] who was killed by Skaven in Estalia at the Fall of Tor Karyndis.[1e]


Around 2300 IC, he travelled with Prince Palanaith who was negotiating a treaty with the Estalians. After its successful conclusion the Elf force moved to the ruins of Tor Karyndis where his command raised bright pavilions to awaited the ships from Ulthuan to take them home. Kaldain instead movng out into the wilderness but he soon returned with a warning that Skaven were massing nearby - at the same time, the mage with the elves spoke of a rising tempest of Magic. [1a]

Valaun, a cousin of Palanaith asked to be allowed to take his Silver Helms and exterminate the ratmen which the Prince agreed, pledging to watch the slaughter from the walls of the Tor. [1a] As the Skaven emerged from the woods, the massed knights charged and when the ratmen broken and ran, began to ride them down - however as they moved beyond the range of the archers on the walls, a trio of Brood Horrors emerged and attacked, swiftly devouring Valaun. [1b]

Prince Palanaith ordered his archers forward as he called for his armour even as packs of Wolf Rats began to join the Brood Horrors tearing apart the knights and their mounts. The packs began to swarm towards the archers but they were confronted by a wall of fire conjured by Caluandr of Cothique, allowing the archers to retreat to safety within the walls. [1b]

A white furred Warlock Engineer, Shissik the Pale [1d] appeared with a Basilisk and a great horde of rat men to counter which Palanaith ordered the archers and Eagles Claw batteries into action. Despite huge loses, many Skaven still reached the walls, throwing up ladders whilst fire and tainted shot were unleashed by various war machines. [1b]

The High Elves cut down any and all Skaven that reached the top of the walls but the defenders losses began to grow with the surviving Silver Helms led by Prince Palanaith holding the defence fast. It was then that the basilisk struck, killing the prince. Kaldain struck back, putting three arrows into its head, including one into an eye - it fell back and began to thrash madly in the ranks of the ratmen. Caluandr summoned and unleashed an Arcane Phoenix on the horde beyond the walls forcing them to flee.[1c]

All knew that the respite was likely to be short and the mage retreated to the peak of the tower, guarded by the remaining Silver Helms. The next attack came from below as a Dread Maw emerged from the cellar, driven forth by the Skaven behind it. [1c] As the defenders fought to drive back the monster and the Skaven with it, more ratmen began to attack the gate and a Skaven Assassin stuck down the last knight guarding the chanting mage. [1d]

Kaldain struck down the black clad assassin but received a poisoned wound in return and with a grim smile plunged into the fray to hold the ratmen back. However, he had given Caluandir time to complete his summoning and as dawn broke, a Magma Dragon arrived and attacked the Skaven. [1d]

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