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Calaidan is the youngest son of the High Elf Prince Melenar of House Coraith in the reign of Finubar. [1a]

He was named after a legendary dragon. [1a]


He was the youngest of the twin sons born to Melenar and his wife on the night of Khaine and as was custom, the oracle of the Gaen Vale sought to determine their fate, declaring that they would not suffer a violent death, unless it be at the hands of the other sibling. Lord Melenar saw no danger in this and decreed that each brother would receive one of his two heirloom swords when they came of age. [1a]

Calaidan studied magic, statesmanship, alchemy and astrology at the Tower of Hoeth under the Loremasters as well as the way of the sword with the Swordmasters. [1a]

When his father was poisoned and died, he was named as the new lord of House Coraith, much to the ire of his elder brother Kaldor which only grew over the following years until finally Kaledor could stand it no longer and left Ulthuan on a stormy night - when he did not return after a week he was assumed to have been lost at sea. Calaidan mourned the loss of his brother greatly. [1a]

Calaidan only realised Kaledor was still alive when an invasion was launched against the Shadowlands and moving to confront the enemy, he spotted his brothers banner - but at first suspected a trick, until he heard his siblings voice. He was filled with a mxture of sorrow and rage, anger that the one who had breached the once secure defences of his home was his own flesh and blood! His own army now stood defiantly against the Dark Elves as the families of his warriors tried to flee their approach. [1b]

The battle quickly went against the High Elves, the Witch Elves overwhelming the Swordmasters and the Cold One Knights doing the same to the [{Silver Helm]]s whilst Harpies tore apart his archers and bolt thrower crews. As his army cumbled about, Calaidan strode towards his brother, challenging him to single combat, an offer which was quickly accepted. For an hour the two fought before Calaidan managed to cut down his sibling, then held the twin runeswords above his head, using their power to destroy the morale of the Dark Elves who quickly fled. [1c]

A great funeral pyre was built for Kaldor with the few surviving warriors gathering round - more than three quarters of the warriors of House Coraith had been killed and it would be decades before it could once again extend its forces into the Shadowlands. [1c]

The kin strife and brutal conflict was later recorded in the Lay of Calaidan, also known as the War of Brothers. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Deathsinger: Like its sister sword, the Runseword boosts the physical strengths of the wielder. [1d]


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