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Tethlis the Slayer was the fifth Phoenix King of the High Elves who drove the Dark Elves out of Ulthuan.[1a]

He reigned from -996 to -692 IC. [1a]


His family was killed by the Druchii which filled him with cold hatred for them. [1a]

Tethlis proved to be a skilled general under Caradryel, lifting the siege of the Griffon Gate and driving back the Dark Elves to Anlec. [1a]

He took the throne after Caradryel died peacefully but the dragons continued to slip into lethargy and slumber. To provide for the military power he needed, he trained huge armies, having ordered that all elf cities had to have a martial field for its citizen solider to train. Once his armies were ready, he used them in a series of unstoppable offensives driving through the Shadowlands and on to Anlec which this time he stormed and raised. His onslaught continued until no Dark Elves were left alive on Ulthuan, for he ordered that no prisoners were to be taken. [1a]

The greatest armada ever created by the elves was forged for the next phase of the war - the cleansing of the Blighted Isle. The fleet of thousands of ships swept the seas clear of the Dark Elves and landed tens of thousands of warriors on the Isle. The Dark Elves met them on the beach and a huge battle ensued before a second huge force of cavalry, landed elsewhere swept into the rear of the druchii forces. [1a]

Tethlis declared the next step was to attack the enemy lands in Naggaroth, but first he made a pilgrmiage to the Shrine of Khaine and there he found the armour of the first Phoenix King, Aenarion. He gave the relic to the great grandson of of Aenarions son, Morelion and shortly after he was killed, although stories of by whom and why differ.[1a]

Some say that a Assassin sent by Malekith had lain hidden and struck him down with a poisoned blade, whilst others claim that he attempted to draw the Sword of Khaine and was killed by his own White Lion guards. [1a]

Notable Events of Tethlis's reign

N.B. All dates are Imperial Calendar equivalents.
Date Notes
ca. -963 The first Great Dragons begin their slumber.
ca. -961 Elf citizen regiments are formally trained.
ca. -956 The Scourging starts. Every Dark Elf in Ulthuan will eventually be driven off.
ca. -916 Naggarothi offensive is caught and destroyed in a carefully laid trap.
ca. -892 At the Battle of Grey Canyon a huge army of Dark Elves is destroyed while encamped in the Shadowlands.
ca. -702 In a final push, the Witch King launches an offensive durng the harsh winter of the Shadowlands. They take several forts and towns.
ca. -696 The Shrine of Asuryan is destroyed on Anlec. Not a stone of Anlec is left unscathed.
ca. -693 The infamous battle of the Waves is fought on the Blighted Isle. Tethlis dies under mysterious circumstances and the fleet turns back.
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