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The Everqueen is one of the joint rulers of the High Elves, seen by them as the symbol and incarnation of their mother-goddes Isha. She and the Phoenix King are the rulers of Ulthuan. The court of the Everqueen lies deep in the forests of Avelorn and the current Everqueen is Alarielle.

The Everqueen holds a ritual year-long marriage to the Phoenix King and their daughter, the Everchild, will inherit her position. Afterwards both can take other consorts. This maintains the matriarchal line, stretching back to when Ulthuan was ruled only by the Everqueens, before the Coming of Chaos..

Only a handful of the queens are known.

The rulers of the High Elves
Phoenix Kings Aenarion - Bel Shanaar - Caledor I - Caledor II - Caradryel - Tethlis - Bel-Korhadris - Aethis - Morvael - Bel-Hathor - Finubar
Everqueens Astarielle - Yvraine - Alarielle


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