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Thyrinor was a High Elven dragon prince of Caledor and a cousin of Phoenix King Caledor I.[1a] He rode the blue female dragon Anaegnir.[1b]

Thyrinor was present at the massacre at the Shrine of Asuryan with his cousin Caledrian (the ruler of Caledor at the time). Caledrian was killed by Malekith's knights, but Thyrinor survived.[1c][2]

During the first war against the Dark Elves in the early years of Caledor I's reign, Thyrinor served the king as a general. When Morathi attacked the Gaen Vale in Avelorn in ca. IC -2739[1d][*], Thyrinor commanded the Phoenix King's forces and fought alongside the Everqueen's magical creatures against the druchii invaders. Here Thyrinor and Anaegnir - along with another dragon and its rider - were slain on the battlefield by Morathi.[1e]


*Caledor (novel) mentions "ten years of bitter war", suggesting that this takes place in the tenth year of Caledor's reign[1d]


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