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Lady Malene Emeraldsea is a High Elf Mage and the aunt of Tyrion and Teclis. [1]

She is a member of the powerful House Emeraldsea of Lothern, the daughter of the owner, [1] taking over from him after his death. [2a]


She has amber eyes, long raven-black hair and wears a number of obviously magical amulets.[1a] Her clothing is beautiful and woven from silks and magical cloths. [1b]


She had a sister, Alysia and has a daughter Liselle Emeraldsea. [1h]


Her sister Alysia married Prince Arathion. [1a]

Morelian, later High Loremaster taught her magic at the White Tower of Hoeth. [2b]

She began her career as a mage serving aboard and protecting clippers of her house. [1f]

Malene took the veteran White Lion Korhien Ironglaive as her lover. [1f]

When the twins approached the age to be presented at court [1b] in the 10th year of the reign of Finubar (2173 IC), she and Korhien visted Arathion's villa in rural Cothique. [1a] She offered to teach Teclis once he been approved by the sages of the Tower of Hoeth and also that she might be able to help with his ailments. [1c] She created a magical potion of aqua vitae and sunroot, woven through with her spellcraft and gave it to him which he used despite his suspicions. [1d]

Lady Malene summoned one of her house ships, the clipper Eagle of Lothern to transport them to Lothern. [1e] On the voyage they were struck by a powerful storm and she had to use her magic to strengthen the ship against the raging wind and waves as well as summoning Water Elementals and Air Elementals to protect it.[1g]

After a series of atrocities by N'Kari, she was one of the advisors called to attend upon the Phoenix King to try and discover what was happening. [1j] When Teclis used one of the books in her library to cast a spell, untaught, she berated him but realised he could a tremendously powerful natural mage. [1k] At a later Council meeting, she agreed with Prince Urian when he expoused his theory about the Keeper of Secrets targeting the descendants of Aenarion. [1l]

On the death of her father, Malene took over the running of the merchant house and when the Everqueen died suddenly, she saw an opportunity to advance it by entering Tyrion in the contest to become the new Everqueen's champion. She was also concerned that the druchii were planning something and wanted him there to advise and protect the new Everqueen. [2a]

She also met with Teclis who told her of his own concerns after finding a Slann prophecy about the return of Chaos. She suggested that High Loremaster Morelian could assist him as he was an expert in the Slann languages. [2b]


She is a skilled alchemist [1d] and is able to summon winds as well as blast enemy vessels or monsters. [1f]


There are times when the right words and the right manner are as useful as being able to use a blade, and they can be as deadly under the right circumstances.

~ Malene to Teclis.[1i]


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