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Prince Melenar was a High Elf Warrior-Mage and head of House Coraith in the reign of Finubar. [1a]


He served as a general under Finubar, leading the soldier of Eataine at the siege of Lothern. [1a]

In 2413 IC and after much heated debate, the court of Finubar dispatched Prince Melenar to begin a campaign to retake the Shadowlands. He would campaign for several years against the Dark Elves in the region, establishing a stronghold and even forming an alliance with the Shadow Warriors due to his skill and leadership. [1a]

He had two twin sons, Kaldor and Calaidan born on the night of Khaine and as was custom, the oracle of the Gaen Vale sought to determine their fate, declaring that they would not suffer a violent death, unless it be at the hands of the other sibling. Lord Melenar saw no danger in this and decreed that each brother would receive one of his two heirloom swords when they came of age. [1a]

The older brother, Kaledor grew up to become renowned warrior, whilst Calaidan choose the path of sorcery in the Tower of Hoeth but it was Calaidan who was named heir, much to the anger of Kaledor whose bitterness only grew over the years. Finally he could stand it no longer and deserted Ulthuan with a few trusted followers. [1a]

Fifty years later, Melenar died, poisoned by a Dark Elf assassin and Calaidan became lord of House Coraith. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Melenar possessed two great and ancient heirloom runeswords - each set with a Tear of Isha. [1a]


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