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Korhien Ironglaive was a High Elf and a veteran White Lion. [1]

He was considered one of the finest chess players at the court of the Phoenix King. [1c]


A tall, broad Elf wearing the famous cloak, a great axe over his back and a sword at his side. [1a]


Korhien claimed to have been born in a barn in the mountains, his mother a champion archer and his father a freeholder. [1e]

He is a friend of Arathion, the father of Teclis and Tyrion and an ally of House Emeraldsea at court [1b] although this is mainly due to him being the lover of Malene Emeraldsea‎‎. [1e]

Korhien accompanied Lady Malene when she visited her nephews who were nearly at an age to appear at court. [1] Whilst at Arathion's villa, he gave Tyrion his first lesson in swordplay and discovered that he had a formidable natural talent judging his untrained ability a match for elves with a century of practice! [1d]

Once the twins had arrived in Lothern, Korhien began Tyrions training in the sword, observed initally by his old friend, the scholar Prince Iltharis who when challenged was able to disarm Tyrion in two precise moves. [1f]

On his return from Lustria around 2273 IC, Tyrion visited him and Korhien expressed his concerns about the younger Elf's ambitions and that by recovering Sunfang perhaps he was following in the footsteps of Aenarion. Tyrion noted that Korhien were still friends but no longer lovers. [2a]

After the invasion of Ulthuan by the Dark Elves, he found Prince Iltharis attempting to open a gate for the Dark Elves and his old friend knocked him out. [3c] Korhien was then dispatched across the land to carry the torch of war and summon the elves to battle, joining Prince Moranion. He met Tyrion's father who was bringing the armour of Aenarion to his son and escorted him [3b] to the army that gathered on the Finuval Plain that was later joined by the Everqueen. [3a]


He had chambers within the palace of the Phoenix King in Lothern, simple by the standards of the palace but extremely luxurious by any others. This includes silk tapestries, carpets from Cathay and paintings from the reign of Aethis. [2a]


I have heard too many people talk about glory, doorkeeper, and usually they meant their own. Normally when you hear an elf talking about glory and the spilling of blood, they mean their glory and your blood. I am telling you this, doorkeeper, because I suspect you will turn out like me. I suspect you will end up spilling a lot of your blood and other people's for causes not your own, in places you would rather not be.

~Korhien to Tyrion .[1d]


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