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Morvael the Impetuous was the ninth Phoenix King of the High Elves of Ulthuan. [1a]

He reigned from 1121 to 1502 IC. [1a]

Morvael was highly strung and suffered from nightmares. [1a]


Morvael of Yvresse was the High Loremaster of the Tower of Hoeth under Aethis. [1a]

Upon becoming the Phoenix King, he ordered a new attack on the Druchii of Naggaroth but this was destroyed with only a few survivors returning to Ulthuan. [1a]

Worse than this, the Dark Elves launched their own attack, seizing the Blighted Isle and then landing on Ulthau itself and creating a new fortress at Anlec, they advanced in land and were only stopped at the Griffon Gate. [1a]

As the situation grew worse, Morval appointed a new field commander, Mentheus, a Dragon Prince of Caledor who introduced the requirement that every elf must spend at least part of the year in the military, providing their own wargear. The King spent vast sums creating a new fleet to stop the Dark Elves from bringing reinforcements and employed the Swordmasters to continue to root out the Cult of Pleasure. [1a]

His fleets ranged across the world engaging Dark Elf slaving missions, he ordered the construction of two new fortresses. The Citadel of the Sunset was built at the tip of Lustria and the Fortress of the Dawn at the tip of the Dark Continent. [1a]

Whilst Mentheus besieged Anlec, Morveal prayed at the Shrine of Asuryan but at night was plagued by nightmares sent by the Witch King and he was horrified by the casualty reports he was receiving. Although Anlec fell, Mentheus was killed in the attack - hearing the news Morveal walked once more into the sacred fire and was consumed. [1a]

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