Lothern Sea Guard

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A Lothern Sea Guard regiment.

The Lothern Sea Guard are a elite fighting force of the High Elf kingdom of Eataine as a standing part of their military, serving in both their army and navy. [1a]


When the armies of Ulthuan make war it is often the ships of Lothern that carry them and any beachheads are siezed by the Sea Guard. [1a]

The Lothern Sea Guard are capable of fighting as effectively on land as on sea, and are equally resolute defending the walls of Lothern as battling across the decks of Elven warships. Armed with both spears and bows, the Sea Guard are a formidable, well-drilled fighting force - combining the best aspects of Elf Spearmen and Archers.


  • Storm Riders: A renowned company who have gained a reputation for ruthless boarding actions. [1b]