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Caledrian was a High Elven Prince of Caledor. He was the eldest of the three sons of Menieth, who was the son of Caledor Dragontamer. As the eldest son, Caledrian inherited the rule of Caledor when Menieth was slain in the wars of conquest at some time during the reign of Bel-Shanaar.[2a]

Caledrian had two younger brothes: Imrik (later Phoenix King Caledor I) and Dorien. His father believed that "though Caledrian was heir, Imrik was the strongest of the three brothers."[2d] During his reign, Caledrian often asked his brother Imrik to deal with the other elven princes in his stead.[2b] Caledrian knew that Imrik, despite his lack of diplomacy, was greatly respected by the other princes.[2c][1]

Caledrian was killed by Malekith's knights in the massacre at the Shrine of Asuryan in -2750 IC.[2e][3]