Battle for Kislev's Gate

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Battle for Kislev's Gate
Conflict Great War Against Chaos
Date 2304
Location outside the City of Kislev
Outcome Total victory for Kislev, Dwarfs and The Empire
Kislev, Dwarfs and The Empire Chaos
Magnus the Pious, Asavar Kul

The Battle for Kislev's Gate was the final battle of the Great War Against Chaos. [1a]


In 2301 IC (Imperial Calendar}, the forces of Chaos had gathered and were carrying out bloody raids throuhout the Translynsk region of Kislev, more and more warriors of Chaos invaded and it became clear this was a full scale invasion under the warlord Asavar Kul he quikcly took all the lands north of the river Lynsk with Praag being sacked by the enemy during the winter of 2302. [1a]

The Tsar, Alexis Romanoff appealed for aid as his remaining forces fell back from the ruin of his great city and his capital was overrun with refugees. However the Empire itself was still beset with internal strife with Magnus the Pious attempting to unite it in the name of Sigmar as Topol, the ambassador from Kislev noted at the time. Topol was much relieved that Magnus would march to meet the Chaos horde in Kislev but it would take until the spring of 2303 to gather the great army. [1a]

Not only did men answer the call for aid, as the imperial force finally headed north they joined with a large army from Karaz-a-Karak but by the time the combined force reached the border, the city of Kislev was already under siege. It would take until the spring of 2304 for the allied forces to reach the besieged city and there they were confronted by a vast horde. In addition, the High Elf Teclis had brought several elf mages with him as well as the first of the new approved human wizards. [1a]

The Battle

Socuting and initial deployment

Magnus sent lancers and cavalry scouts ahead of the main force to clear out any sentries or reserves that might inform the chaos warlord that his army was approaching which proved successful. Despite the incredible size of the enemy army, his plan was to split his forces, using the human army to draw the enemy forces away from the walls whilst the Dwarfs struck at the enemy baggage train and fell upon them from the rear. [1a]

Dwarf Attack

The vast chaos force before the walls quickly advanced towards the revealed imperial army, eager to get to grips with an enemy not behind strong walls and the dwarf were able to move to flank them. However they discovered another huge force that was held in reserve to replace losses suffered by those trying to scale the walls. As the Ironbreaker regiments emerged from the forest, they caught this force of guard but the sheer size of the task ahead of them would have daunted a human army, yet the dwarfs merely set about them with disciplined fury. [1a]

Empire Line

As Magnus tried to hold the line with his infantry, his cavalry had orders to deal with their opposite numbers with the intention they would then be able to fall upon the flank or rear of the horde, hopefully in conjunction with the victorious Dwarfs. Yet even the marauder cavalry seemed unending, and whilst the knights charged again and again, slowly and surely they were being worn down by the constant fighting and the arrows of their foes. [1a]

Kislev Prepares

Seeing the Empire forces faltering in danger of turning, the Tzar ordered all men and women capable of fighting to gather at the gates to launch their own attack, but even as they did the Dwarfs appeared and with them a large army of Kislev riders - although both had already taken heavy losses, they both plunged into the fray. The gates of Kislev opened and the remaining defenders now poured out to join the battle. [1a]

Final Charge

As the battle raged on, Magnus managed to extract himself and a large portion of his remaining knights and light cavalry and rallied them for a final charge into the heart of the horde and Kul. The two leaders met finally in battle with Runefang against Daemon Axe, the power of Chaos against that of Sigmar but Magnus stuck the decisive blow, taking first his enemies hand and then his head. [1a]


The chaos army broke on the death of their leader but there would be months of hard fighting to secure the rest of the devastated nation of Kislev but his great victory helped unite the Empire under Magnus, something that had not been the case for centuries. [1a]

Notable People

The Empire



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