Battle for the Isle of the Dead

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Battle for the Isle of the Dead
Conflict End Times/Malekith's invasion of Ulthuan
Date 2526 IC
Location Isle of the Dead, Ulthuan
Outcome Victory for Malekith's's forces
Mix of elvish nations commanded by Malekith Mix of elvish nations commanded by Tyrion
Phoenix King Malekith
Imrik of Caledor
Naestra & Arahan
Araloth the Bold
Alith Anar
Naieth the Prophetess
Tyrion the Avatar of Khaine
Lokhir Fellheart
Prince Dalroth
The Dragonspire Princes; twelve high elf Princes riding dragons, five claws of Dragon Princes
The Sisterhood of Avelorn; five regiments of Sisters of Avelorn
The Shadowfire Guard; five towers of Black Guard, five blessed hosts of Phoenix Guard
Scarloc's Archers; one kinband of Glade Guard, one kinband of Deepwood Scouts, one kinband of Way Watchers
The Grand Host of Naggrond; five legions of Dreadspears, four legions of Darkshards, two legions of Bleakswords, three scalegelds of Cold One Knights
The Grand Host of Tor Caleda; eight claws of Dragon Princes, three legions of High Elf Spearmen
The Grand Host of Mordryn; three kinbands of Warhawk Riders, two kinbands of Eternal Guard, eight kinbands of Glade Guard, one troupe of War Dancers
The Grand Host of Talsyn; five kinbands of Eternal Guard, three kinbands of Wild Riders, three kinbands of Glade Guard, one kinband of Waywatchers, two kinbands of Glade Riders
The Grand Host of Mathlann; three flights of Lothern Skycutters, five crews of Lothern Sea Guard, each with one Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
Durthu's Wargrove; three Treeman Ancients, four Threemen, three withermarches of Treekin, eight briarbrands of Dryads
The Ravenspears; two vanguards of Dark Riders
The Rimeshards; one half legion of Darkshards, seven Repeater Bolt Throwers
The Swords of the Kraken; one vast crew of Black Ark Coursairs
The Creeping Dread; one crew of Black Ark Coursairs
The Skullbearers, one legion of Bleakswords, two legions of Darkshards
The Voiceless Ones; one legion of Dreadspears
The Knights of Tor Alin; two sworn-hosts of Silver Helms
The Aestyrion; five legions of High Elf Spearmen, five legions of Bleakswords, three scalegelds of Cold One Knights, two sworn-hosts of Silver Helms
The Shrine of Red Ruin; one Bloodwrack Shrine
The Scions of Underworld Sky; one tribe of Shades
The Menagerie of Raema; two War Hydras, two Kharibdysses
The Shrieking Death; one troupe of Sisters of Slaughter
The Shadowmanes; one pride of White Lions
The Aeskhaine Host of Cothique; roughly ten legions-worth of elves of all ranks and disciplines
The Aeskhaine Host of Chrace; roughly eight legions-worth of elves of all ranks and disciplines
The Aeskhaine Host of Tiranoc; roughly eight legions-worth of elves of all ranks and disciplines
heavy near total
Tyrion dead
Morathi dead
Prince Dalroth dead
Lokhir Fellheart severely wounded, fate unknown

The penultimate battle of Malekith's invasion of Ulthuan during The End Times.


The war between Malekith and his allies against Tyrion, the Avatar of Khaine had entered a phase of many smaller battles, all of which ended in Tyrion's victory. Malekith repeatedly called out Tyrion to single combat, but he refused, knowing he was winning the war through sheer attrition as each victory led to more elves falling under Khaine's influence and joining him. Only the support of the Wood Elves prevented Malekith from losing the war entirely. This finally meant the mage Teclis was able to convince Malekith of the need to destroy the Great Vortex and create the Incarnates of the Winds of Magic.

To this end Malekith's forces travelled towards the Isle of the Dead but while waiting for their ships to transport them, they came under attack by Tyrion's army. Trapped against the coast Lord Sceolan of the Hooked Blade was slain trying to hold Tyrion's army back and Malekith's forces only survive thanks to the Sealord Aislinn betraying Tyrion and coming to Malekith's aid at the Alarielle's behest. At the same time it was revealed that Lokhir Fellheart had joined Tyrion. Aislinn went to Tyrion on Fellheart's flagship to answer for his treachery. He was executed by Tyrion, but first summoned Mathlann's wrath on his fleet.

A huge portion of Tyrion's forces were destroyed in a colossal tidal wave. Malekith's forces arrived safely on the island while the remains of Tyrion's forces washed up on the island much reduced.

Stages of battle

  • Initially appearing to be of equal size, the two armies formed up to make battle. Tyrion regained the numerical advantage by using the power of Khaine to summon a huge army of the remains of elves who had died in violence. This skeletal horde was led by the risen wights of five of the Phoenix Kings.
  • Adranna the sorceress was slain by Morathi.
  • Teclis started his ritual at the Great Vortex. He was assisted from inside the Vortex by the mage of legend Caledor Dragontamer who had been trapped inside the Vortex when he created it millennia past.
  • Malekith used the flame of Asuryan to power a spell the summon the spirits of all the Phoenix Kings to fight in his name in order to redress their crimes of usurpation. These spirit manifestations turn the tide against the undead horde.
  • Seeing Aenarion was the only Phoenix King not summoned by Malekith, Morathi conjured a manifestation of dark magic in his form, though unlike Malekith's summonings this was not the true king returned just magic in his shape. The conjuration attacked Malekith and would have destroyed him had not the spirit of Bel-Shanaar intercepted the blow, destroying the spell and himself in the process.
  • Malekith used the Vortex to expand his spell to summon the spirits of various elven heroes throughout the ages. Dozens and dozens of the great and mighty of Elven history attacked the undead, but the spell destabilized the Vortex and Teclis and Caledor failed to harness the escaping winds properly. Ghur, the Wind of Beasts broke free and soared eastwards. The land of Ulthuan began to come apart as the Vortex collapsed.
  • Tyrion, sensing defeat is near, charged to the Vortex to slay his brother and end the ritual. He failed to make it however when Malhandir, his faithful steed, finally saw the deranged and cursed prince for what he was and threw Tyrion from his back at the last second.
  • A spell from Morathi blasted Malekith from his dragon's back. He landed near Tyrion and the two began their final duel. Tyrion eventually emerged victorious but before he could slay Malekith he was shot by Alith Anar through the rent in his armour caused by Imrik and widened by Orion. The shot was fatal and Tyrion died. Alith Anar then shot Malekith too.
  • Teclis continued trying the bind the Winds but Chamon, the Wind of Metal, and Aqshy, the Wind of Fire, escaped. When Azyr, the Wind of Heavens, broke free Teclis noted a mind at work within it.
  • With the death of her lover and champion, and the apparent death of her son, Morathi entered the Vortex in a suicidal rage and started to tear it open. This allowed the Chaos god Slaanesh to start to enter the mortal realm. Teclis was forced to rush the ritual and in the process destroyed the spells supporting Ulthuan. He bound the remaining three winds to the wounded Malekith (shadow), the Everqueen (life) and his own staff (light). With the ritual completed as well as it could be the Vortex faded away and Ulthuan began to fall apart, collapse and sink into the sea, killing hundreds of thousands.
  • Slaanesh, furious at being denied his feast of souls reached through the rift for one last second before it closed. Caledor seized the raving Morathi and held her in place while the dark god claimed them both.
  • The Everqueen opened the worldroots both on the island and across Ulthuan and most of the few remaining elves fled to Athel Loren, though many were still killed when they refused to leave their ancestral home.
  • Ulthuan tore apart and sank into the sea.


A new race of unified elves established themselves in Athel Loren. Malekith and Alarielle were married by Lileath in mortal form. Malekith was re-crowned as the Eternity King. They ruled here until the End of the World.


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