Heinrich Johann

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Heinrich Johann is an Old World archaeologist from the Empire.


He travelled to Nehekhara, specifically Khemri, in search of the Tomb of Queen Rasut. He found it and successfully made it to her burial chamber, although anything after this is unknown. He is missing presumed dead but another expedition might be mounted to attempt to find his remains.[1]

He is associated with the Magnus Museum (with an exhibition of the 'Wonders of Ancient Nehekhara'), one Jacob Stacheldhorf (a fellow archaeologist, friend and researcher) and one Alun Gartner (a language expert). He was also robbed by one Clarissa Lohft, an archaeologist of some repute (although she is possibly simply a glorified treasure hunter).[1]

In 2499 IC he obtained a stone ankh and parchment from Jacob Stacheldhorf, who acquired them from Araby, and would later find a khephra amulet that would open the casket of Rasut's son, Kaseph. He was accompanied by a servant, Klaus, without whom he would have perished. He booked transport from his home in Marienburg to Al-Haikk, spending many months on the seas.[1]

When he arrived in Al-Haikk, he was robbed of his purse and confronted by the Servants of the Dead, whom he took to be actors sent by Lohft to scare Johann off of his quest. Klaus hired Aral and his nephew Suli and purchased Johann a whip which would later save Klaus's life. Johann rode a camel, Aborinothus, and on his journey across the desert he was attacked by a huge scorpion, which nearly killed him, discovered a large footprint, presumably created by a Bone Giant or Ushabti and saw some Carrion birds which were starved to the bone, most probably literally true. He was, unlike his guides, quite glad to see the peak of the Black Pyramid of Nagash, as it meant he would soon be rid of his camel.[1]

He arrived to spend 3 days wandering the streets of Khemri only to discover Lohft had made it to the temple first and had already entered it. From here he and Klaus discovered the many traps and pitfalls in the tomb until he made it to the tomb chamber. His records end with a description of the tomb chamber and the location of the khephra amulet, but his current whereabouts, and presumably that of the amulet, are unknown.[1]