Kristoff Haamar

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Kristoff Haamar was a cartographer, historian and poet of the Empire. [1a]


The illegitmate son of the Averlander noble Dierter Ebersbacher he was born in 2478 IC (Imperial Calendar). His father dispatched him to Altdorf to avoid any issues with inheritance. [1a]

He was clever enough to make his name as both a poet and a historian. An unknown patron commisioned him to write the history of Black Fire Pass in 2521 using both text and rwenty five wood cut illustrations.[1a]

Although he was accompanied by mercenary solider under Captain Gerhard Olenbay, the author did not survive his expedition. His body and journal was discovered by Ubrecht Fell, a merchant who returned the book to Altdorf where it was published to popular aclaim as The Journal of Kristoff Haamar. [1a]


What grace I have, with pen, and brush, and the tongue of men, let it be heard. Oh, let it be heard. Sigmar, give me the words to tell this story, and I will craft something that the ages will not willingly forget.

~Kristoff Haamar, Gentleman of the Empire .[1a]

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