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Crown Prince Oswald von Konigswald was the son and heir of Elector Count of Ostland in the Empire. [1b]


Genevieve thought him a handsome youth when she first met him with the aura of the great man he could become, she was also impressed with his clear eyes, direct speech and strength of his handshake. [1b]



In his youth, he wrote and had published (anonymously) a volume of verse and it is said gently shamed Emperor Luitpold himself into withdrawing an edict against harlotry by asking if he intended to burn at the stake a certain Tilean fortune teller prominent at court. [1b]

He recruited a group of seasoned adventurers to finally put an end to the legendary Necromancer, the Great Enchanter, Drachenfels. [1a] However as they journed through the Grey Mountains, one by one they died, with more perishing as they ventured inside the vast fortress. At last only three entered the throne room to confront Drachenfels himself - Oswald, Genevieve and Menesh. The Dwarf charged the Enchanter and was smashed aside, his arm torn off and tossed aside whilst Genevieve was rendered unconscious by his magics, leaving Oswald alone to face him. [1d]

Following his apparent victory, The Emperor had dispatched troops to clear out the fortress, but Oswald asked that the castle itself remain standing as a reminder of the evil that had been resident there. [1e]

A number of plays and ballads were made of his victory including the Song of Bold Oswald and Fair Genevieve. [1j]

Twenty five years later, he arranged for the release of the famous playwright Detlef Sierck from debtors prison on the condition that he write and perform the story of the quest to Castle Drachenfels. [1g] Oswald gave him a ballroom in his palace as a rehearsal hall and enlisted as many members of Detlefs theate company as he could. [1h] He then purchased Castle Drachenfels with the intention of having the performance in the great hall where a stage would be built. [1i]

He invited the remaining members of his expedition, Anton, Rudi, Menesh and Genevieve to the performance and together they travelled to the Castle as part of the huge caravan. [1i] Oswald himself accompanied the Emperor, his son and various Electors to the castle, although the Emperor's son Luitpold saw the monks of Drachenfels one night as they drew near. [1l]


Oswald was noted as being a master of the Albion Longbow and the Estalian guitar. [1b]

Against Dracenfels

Oswald assembled a formidable group for his assault on the fortress.[1a]


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