Jacob Stacheldhorf

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Jacob Stacheldhorf is a human archaeologist who obtained a stone ankh to the Tomb of Queen Rasut and discovered that the key to opening Rasut's son's sarcophagus was a khephra amulet located within Rasut's tomb.[1]

He met his friend Heinrich Johann in Altdorf and took him to the Wonders of Ancient Nehekhara exhibition in the Magnus Museum to see Kaseph's sarcophagus and their discovered that an ancient parchment he acquired in Araby showed that the amulet he needed was within Rasut's tomb. He gave the parchment and stone ankh to Johann and embarked upon another expedition before he had a chance to investigate this one.[1]

When the ankh was stolen from Johann's house by Clarissa Lohft, Johann set out to Nehekhara in chase and eventually met his demise in Rasut's tomb chamber. Jacob is awaiting funding for another expedition in order to find out what happened to Johann and where the khephra amulet currently resides.[1]